Monday, September 8th was the last of three supermoons this year. It was the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox and considered a Harvest Moon (or Corn Moon) which celebrates the abundant harvest cultivated since spring, both literally and figuratively!

A few days before and up until the full moon is a great time to recharge your gemstones. Place them in a crystal or ceramic bowl and leave them out in the moonlight. You can make it a special ritual–light some incense and candles, say some positive affirmations–and sit out and enjoy the moonlight for a while or leave them out while you sleep and retrieve fully charged stones the next morning.


Many gemstones absorb negative energy and over time this energy builds up and must be cleansed. The cleansing allows the stones’ positive energies and healing properties to regain their strength. Some examples of stones to leave out in the moonlight: Moss Agate, Aventurine, or any stone you wear for Abundance and Prosperity, Rose Quartz and Rhodonite to increase their power to attract Love, and Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian to strengthen their abilities to draw Courage and Creativity.

Full Moon energy carries with it abundance, attraction, and manifestation so keep in mind which stones’ powers you’d like to enhance. If there’s a stone you wear for peace and harmony that seems to be doing its job, possibly it’s not the ideal time to cleanse that stone. If, however, you feel that stone’s energy is beginning to wane, seize the opportunity during the next full moon to bring that gem back to its original power!

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